Web Based DICOM Viewer Without A PACS: DCMCloud

Web based Dicom Viewer - DCMCloud

Web Based DICOM Viewer Without A PACS: DCMCloud

Wondering how to use a web based dicom viewer using your Amazon s3 or Google bucket? Looking for options to view archived images? read along to know as in this article we will guide you comprehensively on how to use DCMCloud without using PACS.

The Obstacles in Radiology

If you’re a physician or medical health professional, even if you’re not in the radiology department, likely, you’re still dealing with some sort of radiology imaging. X-rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRI scans are essential for proper diagnosis. But all those scans add up. Traditionally, scans would be done, and the hospital would have to keep physical copies of them with their patient files in case they needed to refer back to them at some point. Or the patient has to keep the physical record with them in order to manage their medical history.

This was both time-consuming and costly!

And what if the Radiologists couldn’t just immediately look at scans? What if they aren’t physically present there at that moment? What about stat cases? Weekend or any festival holidays? Sometimes, Radiologists can’t immediately look at the scans, even if they want to! Just because they can’t physically be there! It could be a stat case, but they haven’t reached the hospital yet! or maybe it’s the weekend, or a holiday! Either way, unless they’re at the hospital, they wouldn’t be able to see the files!

With paper records, the main issue is that they had to be printed and brought over, and only then could they review it! The time spent sending over the files to the specialist that would look at them afterward – is additional! All of this had one main theme, time and money had to be spent continuing to get all of it done. With the world becoming so much faster, this just wasn’t working anymore. To deal with the problem, PACS was born.

What is PACS and How does imaging work today?

Most of the world today uses PACS!

PACS is The Picture Archiving and Communication System. This system was created to address all the problems that medical health professionals were dealing with in the traditional way imaging worked! It managed to revolutionize the way the medical industry worked!PACS has allowed medical health professionals to have a much easier time processing the imaging. Using it, they no longer have to worry about the logistics of bringing the prints over, all that’s needed is to log in, study the images and send in the reports! Everything made easy!

However, although PACS did resolve a lot of the problems that the medical world was facing, it didn’t solve everything. There’s been a need for further improvement, and that’s where DCMCloud’s Pacs Less web based DICOM Viewer comes in!

DCMCloud’s Cloud based, zero-footprint – Web Based DICOM Viewer
is a one in all solution for everything that PACS left out!

Let’s take a closer look at – how DCMCloud is claiming to go PACSLess – what this Dicom viewer really is!

PACS Less DICOM Viewer? Is that even possible?

For the past few years, it had seemed like PACS was the only way to go, but then, DCMCloud- a safe, secure, cloud based solution was developed.

DCMCloud aimed to do everything that regular Web-based DICOM Viewer does – but it took a step forward and eliminate PACS!

It does everything that PACS did, but without the installation.

DCMCloud’s DICOM viewer is fully digital. There are no special servers,
computers, monitors, or anything that the hospital or imaging center
needs to purchase!

That makes infrastructure cost ZERO! You just have to buy storage from Amazon, Google, or any other cloud storage.

This web based dicom viewer has multiple advantages, not only does that mean that you don’t have to deal with all of that added cost, but you also don’t have to wait for all that hardware to arrive and set up! It’s pretty much instant! Everything is on the cloud!

But due to its zero-footprint feature, as soon as the window closes, the Patient’s DICOM images are removed from the system! The images ARE NOT saved on the system.

P.S. DCMCloud does offer secure storage so you can go with its storage as well.

Benefits of Using DCMCloud

The best part is – if you have a subscription to DCMCloud, you don’t need to worry about the infrastructure costs or network administration. You also don’t have to keep up with any of the latest updates or tweak the system at any point to be able to access new features. The system will automatically be updated every day to include all the newest features!

As its HTML5 based architecture and is completely cloud based. It works across all platforms seamlessly. This means you can access it from Windows, macOS, Android, IPad, or iPhone! Now you don’t have to install any platform-based viewer or multiple viewers on multiple devices. Just log in to DCMCloud from any device and start viewing and reporting.

You can easily connect your AWS S3 Bucket or Google Bucket to it so all of your data that was being stored on the cloud before getting DCM cloud, will instantly sync and be available for viewing!

And, if you have already spent tonnes of money getting PACS installed, it doesn’t have to go to waste. DCMCloud has the ability to easily sync files from PACS too! Our awesome team of developers can do the one-time integration of DCMCloud to any system, be it EHR, RIS, or PACS!

How DCMCloud is helping in Radiology Backlog?

Talking about load – Yes! It is very useful for Radiology Reporting Backlog – So if you are facing a staff shortage due to a covid-19 crisis – you can quickly switch on to this option. Taking some of that load away and making the process from scans to diagnosis to storing the files all instant and cloud based can mean that any medical health professionals, from anywhere across the world can collaborate in real-time and make their work a lot faster!

Without adding to the cost at all! DCMCloud has successfully created a cloud based solution to the limitations that PACS had put on and it’s possible that this could revolutionize the way imaging works all around the world!

Contact Us NOW! This also means that if you do end up wanting to get rid of PACS, it would be a smooth transition!

One of the best things about DCM cloud is that you don’t have to worry about Data security since none of your data will be stored on their servers! Make sure that the only people that have access to it are the ones authorized to!

DCMCloud: How does Web Based Dicom Viewer work?

DCM Cloud has several features, all made to make the process of viewing imaging extremely convenient.

DCM allows physicians and medical health professionals to seamlessly share files. DICOM can easily be integrated with any RAD, physician, or patient portal that you’re already using. Or with ANY RIS, PACS, or EHR! With it integrated, the users will be able to see the images they have uploaded, and will be able to easily share them with anyone else, like their patients, by simply using the shareable link! Seamless uploads. The HTML 5 interface available on regular browsers is enough to let users upload DICOM images and files onto the DCMCloud without a problem. Once the files are uploaded, they can be viewed in the clinical documents viewer in JPEG, BMP, AVI, or PDF formats. It even supports 3D rendering!

It is also integrated with XRAD – the Ultimate Teleradiology Platform

Wrapping it Up!

So, DCMCloud allows medical health professionals to do the job they were doing, but without all the hassle. They can instantly get the scans to view online – through using their phone as well. Also, write their reports and send them on to their respective physician or center. Hence patients can have a specialist look at the imaging and the reports who can then instantly make their diagnosis and this is very useful in the second opinion!

If they want, they can even send the patient the updated files on the cloud too, and expedite the whole process! How? This is done by using the patient portal of XRad. We will be discussing more than in our other article. But if you are interested just drop a msg to SehatCloud XRAD Team for more information. They are super fast to reply and in setting up a demo for you!

This is something that can be extremely useful in times like now when there’s a pandemic and the medical sector is under a crippling amount of load.


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