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DCMCLOUD is an effective tool to store your patients’ data. Upload DICOM images, clinical documents etc. to DCMCLOUD servers and they remain available for your viewing anytime you require them. It provides a fast HTML5 DICOM viewer which can be utilized even on your client’s machine (i.e. PC, notebook, tablet or mobile). You can stream restricted details from your patients’ file as you need. Therefore you do not need to download a patient’s entire information to your client machine. Just close the internet browser when you are done viewing and all patient data is immediately wiped off the client machine as HTML5 DICOM viewer operates with zero footprint. You can create tutorial files for sharing with other Practicing Physicians, medical groups and/or patients.

Key Features of DCMCLOUD Software:

  • Easy to use, fast HTML5 DICOM viewer.
  • No need to invest in premise hardware.
  • Lower IT maintenance costs.
  • Viewable on all platforms including PC, tablet and mobile.
  • Secure platform to save and view your data.
  • Easy upload of patients’ images and clinical documents directly to cloud.
  • Allows creation of tutorial files.
  • Easily share with other Practicing Physicians, medical groups and/or patients.
  • Zero footprint HTML5 DICOM viewer which prevents patients’ data from saving on client machines.

Practicing Physicians are allowed to create Limited User accounts which remain linked to their own accounts. Permission can be granted to patients to access the Limited User account so that they can upload DICOM images and clinical documents to the account. There is no limit to the number of Limited User accounts a doctor can create. For more details, please click on Managing User Settings and View Limited User’s Patient Orders articles.