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All of your hospitals and health centers can be managed centrally by deploying DCMCLOUD as your PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) solution. You can access all patient data files in a single patient folder irrespective of the hospital your are situated.
You can conveniently upload DICOM images and clinical documents to DCMCLOUD servers. Access your files with super fast HTML5 DICOM viewer on any client machine (PC, notebook, tablet or mobile). No need to download the patient’s entire file to your client machine as you can stream just what you require. Close your Internet Browser immediately viewing ends and all streamed data is wiped off the client machine as a result of our zero footprint HTML5 DICOM viewer. Share your files with Practicing Physicians, medical groups and/or patients.

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Key Features of DCMCLOUD Software:

Hospital groups with multiple institutions can set up DCMCLOUD PACS Servers for each institution. In addition, all equipment in the Institutions can upload DICOM images to the dedicated DCMCLOUD PACS Server. Also, the Medical Device Communicator software can automatically upload DICOM images directly from medical devices. Patient data is compartmentalized by the Institution after which data from different institutions are combined into a single patient folder. Resultantly, a patient’s order from one institution can grant access to the same patient’s previous orders from all of the other institutions. The patient’s medical history is therefore available at once and at any given point in time.

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