DCMCLOUD was founded recently by young professionals who are resolved to follow their passion in making cloud based medical imaging available to the general public at affordable cost.

Our mission is to make digital imaging accessible as a diagnosis and treatment option to all patients.

Our vision is to be the leading provider of cloud based storage, retrieval and communication system to the medical world through our secure systems and servers around the world.

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The DCMCLOUD Web Based DICOM Viewer supports all types of DICOM imaging including CR’s and intensive imaging like PET, Angio, Tomo etc. Non-DICOM imaging can also be wrapped with a DICOM header. It allows quick storage, easy categorization of files and automated routing. DCMCLOUD supports Online DICOM Viewer over the internet. It is user-friendly and is training enabled which allows users to create tutorial materials, obtain worklists, retrieve studies, store and retrieve presentation and interface with the server on study status.

Contact us at DCMCLOUD to try out our Online DICOM Viewer.